Spartan Global Services

IT Recovery

Our teams are trained and experienced in recovering all types of IT equipment and transporting them safely and securely for processing at our Service Centre. No matter what type of business or industry you are, whether it’s a small office or large site clearance our team will professionally and efficiently de-install and remove your equipment.

High Security Logistics

Our transportation is managed to very high security levels. All of our vehicles are fully accompanied for the duration of the journey from your site to our Service Centre. All vehicles are GPS tracked and where necessary we can operate a “no-stopping” policy.

On Site Secure Storage

We know that space can sometimes be an issue when it comes to storing redundant and decommissioned IT equipment. If you require onsite storage and/or prefer more efficient collection through less frequent and larger collections, then we offer an onsite secure container service for you store all your equipment inside. Once full just notify us and we will arrange collection.